A Note On Spanish For The Spring Semester

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Dear Students and Parents, As we start a new semester, new rules and expectations will be put into place. I want us all to do well in Spanish for the Spring Semester. There are 8 points I would like to touch upon.
1. I am going to require that each student have a new and separate notebook for Spanish. If you are using a binder, I would like it supplied with fresh paper and that all notes from the fall semester be stored at home. I don’t want any distractions. You are to have 2 folders, one for handouts and old tests and the other for Homework that is to be submitted and returned. I would like the left side for all returned homework and the right side for homework that is to be submitted. A
2. As you enter the classroom, you are to help with the distribution of books and dictionaries for your group. The page number of the text we will be using will be written on the board. You are to write the day’s date and topic in your notebook and be ready at the teacher’s command to start learning the day’s lesson.
3. We will go over the previous days Homework quickly. One homework from the week will count as a quiz( unannounced), so, you must complete ALL assignment with purpose and meaning. That means you pay attention to what the directions are asking you to do and you are thinking as you complete the assignment. You must use your notes and handouts I give out during the week to complete assignments.

5. We will conduct each and every class in