Essay on Speech: Clothing and Public Schools

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Public schools around the world have fought for the right of school uniforms. Although uniforms have been a mainstay in private schools, public schools have been arguing about it since 1994, when California school district of Long Beach implemented school uniforms. There are many arguments on the requiring of school uniforms. Uniforms in public schools benefits with having more focus on required academics. Students are more focused on learning time at school, rather than being distracted by how they present themselves in class. A lot of problems with young kids today are the bullying and teasing on what they wear to school. What I mean by that is not having the “name brands” that every child is wearing. Although that is one of the biggest problems in school today, some people think uniforms teach kids how to be different from one another. I guess if that means teaching kids to be hateful to the kids that don’t have on the clothing that is in style, then so be it. A lot of parents can’t afford name brand clothing for their children. I have seven siblings so it was hard to “fit in” in school because my mama couldn’t afford these clothes, so I actually know what it feels like to be treated different by the clothes you wear. Having uniforms in public schools also makes it easier in the mornings when getting ready for school. Kids have to dig for something to wear to school with regular everyday clothes, which takes a lot of time up in the mornings making children late. According to research, tardiness decreased in a years’ time with public schools having uniforms. To me, it just would seem easier for a child to put on the uniform in the morning and hit the door. Uniforms in public schools reduce violence, which is a big concern in all schools. People who don’t belong at the school can easily be seen when all of the students have on…