School Uniforms Essay

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School Dress Code Every school enforces rules in order to have an organized foundation. Rules are the aspects of keeping the construction under control, but there are limitations to how much you can actually control without having rebellions. Are schools taking advantage of the rules? Should their be a clothing system? These are the notifications that need to be answered. Vallivue high school should not be able to prohibit clothing and revoke the dress code. The main factor that schools do not recognize is the freedom of expression, which is a necessary point of contention. Dress codes are not indeed an essential. Uniforms and dress codes do not change the matter of behavior or academic wise. Students are mature enough to handle the way they dress themselves and are established enough to know what school-appropriate is. According to the study of the U.S Department of Education, uniforms or dress codes do not highly improve school safety or academic discipline. Schools such as Vallivue’s staff members get carried away with the power of the content, obsessively chasing violators for non-necessary obligations. This ultimately endures students to revolt, causing outbreaks with the outfits they wear. Evidently, if Vallivue and other schools showed more moderate compassion, students would not have to undergo the need of proving the point of their independence. The condersation of the students being controlled like robots because the school wants a certain reputation, that being the case the school should become a private or charter school instead of a public school, if reputation was such a dominate must. A public school is a major fact, where various students may contain in the same education. If they give the variety of students the liberation of coming to the school, why can’t we have liberty to wear the clothing we want? That is the school having fondness of the factors that they do have authority, with authority comes power, but eventually power can only take you so far until someone stands up. Schools are too strict on