Speech: High School and Student Body President Essay

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Good evening honored guests, administration, teachers, family, friends, and of course class of 2013. Before I continue with my speech I would like to thank God for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to be here. I would like to thank my mom, dad, and family for always supporting me and driving me crazy throughout my schooling; I couldn’t have done it without them. We wouldn’t be sitting here today if it wasn’t for the people that dedicate their life to education and yes I am talking about teachers. Not only do some have kids of their own but adopt many more every year that to their fortune will only be around for a few years. We cannot overlook the rest of the amazing people that contribute to the success of us but to make a long boring list short thank you administration and staff members. Although most of us have felt pushed and frustrated at times with these important people we can say that they were just leading us to this moment we have anxiously been awaiting.
I have had the honor of leading Socorro High as student body president and have learned lifelong lessons from my fellow classmates and teachers that I will carry in my heart. Leadership isn’t always about pleasing everybody but doing the right thing and being okay with it. Although many times I felt I was in over my head I can say you guys taught me the traits it really takes to be a successful leader and I would like to thank you class of 2013.
We have come so far since the first day of kindergarten, middle school, and high school; we are no longer looking forward to a very long time, a few years, a couple of years, or even a tomorrow until the day of graduation but a simple here we are today. Even though we feel we know it all, there are just some questions we will never have the answers to. Like how to get a perfect essay back from Mrs. Huff without any red corrections. Or how a man of very few words (Coach Ocampo) can offer valuable advice and make such an impact on you the moment he speaks. And of course the most asked question why Mrs. Martinez does gives homework every night? We may