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Spirit Intact, Soldier Reclaims His Life

Brendan Morroco’s stubborn attitude about life literally has saved his life. He has overcome the obstacle of losing all four of his limbs. His spirit waivers sometimes but for the most part this is a truly remarkable young man. I think that being so young has helped Brandon overcome some of the many challenges he is faced with on a daily basis. He is one of those people who try hard not to let anything get him down. Even though he has his cranky or depressed days, for the most part Brandon is facing the new challenges of his life head on. It takes hard work for him to feed himself, go to the bathroom, brushing his hair, putting his clothes on, and reading a book. I think one of the hardest things Brandon had to overcome was the shame of having to rely on people for the most basic things in his everyday life. He basically needed to get used to having someone do literally everything for him until he learned to use his prostheses. Overcoming the sense of helplessness has moved Brandon forward in his long road to a normal life. It seems that he never lost his will to live. Having his brother, Michael Marrocco, there with him every step of the way has most likely brought a sense of reassurance to Brandon. I think his mindset and spirit would be different and not as strong if he had no family to support him. Michael has made a life commitment to Brandon that I think has played a major role. Michael quit his job at Citigroup, left all his friends and social life, and moved to Washington to be with his brother. He has no experience in care giving or rehabilitation but decided to do it anyway. Brandon also has goals for himself. He has mastered or almost mastered everything that was a challenge for him. Especially getting used to four prosthetics must be taxing both mentally and physically. But yet Brandon still continues to work hard every single day. And he doesn’t seem to slack off or get discouraged in the slightest. Between physical therapy, the obstacles of daily life, Brandon still manages to find time to work on his core strength and motivate others. It amazes me what an extraordinary mindset he must have for himself. He doesn’t let just having a head and torso stop him. All in all Brandon is just a normal everyday person. I think Brandon is an extraordinary young man who is realistic in his view of life. He knows how hard his recovery is going to be but remains focused on working hard for his life in the…