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High school, a weird and crazy place.
Ive noticed some things in my time here. acceptance, popularity.
Those who want it seem to be in a happy place but i look inside and see a fake smile on their face.
In alabama its "cool" to dress "frat" when you go school.
Southern marsh, southern tide, covey and paddle, cole haans, vineyard vines, you see it as cool i see it as a sign of broken times, its a need to fit in. I feel the need to fit mine. To fit in to me. The only persons opinion who truly matters is mine.
Jeans over short shorts, vans over cole haans, band merch over southern shirts.
See, you have the need for others approval, i need only the father's and me!
A fake sense of happy about something that dosnt matter. Id rather be truly happy and wear what I like and be lower on the social ladder....than be "accepted" by these kids who are mean on the bleachers then are suck ups around the teachers. And look, im not saying if you dress frat it automatically makes you a bad person. Some people who dress like that are awesome people. It becomes a bad thing when dress that way only because your "friends" do, and when the reason do it is to seek the approval of others.
So go, be yourself. Do what makes YOU happy not what makes someone else.
And in this crazy, screwed up, ecosystem we call high school, people will do whatever it takes to be cool. Like tiny, stupid, vacuums sucking society's rules, such fools doing whatever society tells them is cool. Most