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Functions of Text Messaging
Most text messages are not in the form of standard written discourse, but users are very effective in describing written sounds what they want their readers to perceive in their messages. Through the new written conventions of SMS, texters have developed a written form of sounds that replaces the ability to hear spoken utterances. The language used in text messaging has developed its own unique style as have email and chat-room languages e.g. how r u? hop u’ll b busy in ur stdy .Ma 2. When r v gona meet 4 dat work kt? :?
This particular example is referential, transactional and interactional. Referential as they say "When rv gona meet 4 dat work kt?", they are referring to a peice of work that will need to be completed. This particular sentence is also transactional as they are giving a question which needs an answer. When answered the two have exchanged information thus becoming a transactional peice of text. Furthermore, Interactional language is the language we use to build and maintain relationships. It can be compared to transactional language, which normally carries a message and is the language used to get things done. To maintain interaction, speakers use interactional strategies.

Written representations of the sounds and compressions are common phenomena in SMS language e.g. ‘kt’ instead of Katie. The choice to create a verbal illustration of this name tends to indicate that, at least in part, the user may be thinking of this utterance in its spoken form even though every other part of the text message may well be created within a written framework.
The shortening of words by compression provides a quick and easy way of typing while the words that have been written to be understandable. Within the text message, they have used compressions such as "b", which is considered to be a homophone, and "gona". The omitting of words that are not needed. Another example of this is "hop", which is referring to the word 'hope'. The end letter has been taken away as the word can be taken in any form depending on the reader's interpretation of it. However, with the added sentence "hop u'll be busy in ur study", one can conclude that they did in fact mean…