Sports Management Essay

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of this company to provide athletes with the best opportunities to better their careers and themselves as the human beings that they are by adhering to the most basic but essential principles in life such as honesty, integrity, and respect. We are here to help all athletes in any way possible. We are strongly committed in dedicating all the time necessary to give our clients the best opportunities to reach their goal. By dedicating our time in following family values we hope to establish a long-lasting personal relationship that will help us reach your goals.
Vision statement
The vision of this company is to be leading sports management in the industry in establishing long-lasting personal relationships with our clients. By establishing a personal relationship with our clients we will be able to better understand their needs and reach their career goals and also enrich their lives
The set of values that we follow are the foundation of this organization and why it exists. We believe that being honest will help us establish a more personal relationship with our clients in which we can devote more time in getting to know them as people, and in return will create better opportunities for them. We must respect their needs and decisions that they are willing to take, we must respect everyone. We strongly believe in commitment, we are fully committed in helping our clients reach their goals and will work with them very closely