Stalin Leadership Essay

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“Death solves all problems. No man, no problem” - Joseph Stalin.

Russia had long been suffered through totalitarianism from one man: Joseph Stalin. He was the leader of the Soviet Union after Lenin passed away in 1924. He took after Lenin shortly after that and became the one of the most fearsome dictator in history. Stalin had the ability to make his people comply to every of his demand. A good leader has to put his people’s will before his own will, makes sacrifices and takes care of his people. Stalin did not do any of that. He was not an effective leader, under his control, millions of Russians died during the period of the Purge, a significant number of Ukrainian starved to death during collectivization, and a massive amount of livestock went down during his Five Year Plans. Stalin was famous for his Purges, also known as “Stalin’s terror”, where thousands of people got thrown in jail and millions got murdered. According to document 5, Stalin controlled his people by putting the whole country in constant fear. He killed millions of Russians because he believed that in this society, he couldn't trust anyone, even his own people. No citizen wanted to get killed, they used all sort of trick trying to survive. Neighbors falsely accused each other, even children turned in their parents so they could survive. Citizens who lived became the model citizens for the rest of their lives, which means they had to trust no one and kept falsely accusing their love ones for the rest of their lives. In order to live, citizens had to do things against their will under Stalin’s rule, which states that Stalin was not a good leader. Another way that Stalin used to control his people was to steal food away from them and made them starve to death, and such action was called the collectivization. According to document 4, 4.5 million to 7 million Ukrainians were the victims of starvation. The famine during 1931 and 1933 was a result of Stalin’s collectivization. Despite the fact that the amount of food harvest was decreasing, Stalin kept taking away the grains to support the industrialize cities. The famine in Ukraine was dued to the collectivization but also a strategy from Stalin to control Ukraine. He wanted to destroy all the nationalists in Ukraine and gained better control of his country. The fact that Stalin stole food from his people showed that he did not care about them, he