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Title: Why Star Wars is the greatest movie ever made.
Organizational Pattern:
General Purpose: To Persuade
Type of Persuasive Question: Value
Exact Purpose: To persuade the audience that Star Wars is the greatest movie ever made
Thesis Statement: I will tell you some of the background, how Star Wars changed the way we watch and hear movies, its cultural impact, and why it is still relevant after almost 40 years.
Attention: Imaging it's 1977 and you are at the movies that this is the first thing you see. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... I was 6 when it came out and even then I knew I was seeing something different. According to the audience survey taken by this class on 12 August 1213, 8 out of 12 of you knew these 10 words for the tag line were from Star Wars.
Motivation: I love watching movies. My favorite genre of movies is SCI FI. You can't talk about SCI FI movies without mentioning Star Wars.
Credibility: I have seen this movie over a hundred times and can recite most of it by memory.
Preview (Thesis Statement): In this speech I will tell you some of the background, how Star Wars changed the way we watch and hear movies, its cultural impact, and why it is still relevant after almost 40 years.
To understand why this movie is so great you have to know the background on the movie and its maker.
George Lucas He had only Directed 2 full length films prior to Star Wars.
a. THX 1138 in 1971 for American Zeotrope distributed by Warner Bros- a low budget sci-fi movie with Robert Duvall
b. American Graffiti in 1973 for American Zeotrope/Lucasfilm Universal Pictures which According to the 2005 book The Oscars by author John Atkinson the movie was nominated for 5 Academy Awards but lost to The Sting and The Exorcist.
1. Harrison Ford who later played Han Solo in Star Wars and Indiana Jones was working as a carpenter and had given up on acting until George Lucas talked him into being in this movie.
This was the first movie in movie history to be made as part of a trilogy but what is little know until many years later was that it was written as part of a 6 movie series. The original outline was too big to be made and the technology at the time was good enough to do the things that Lucas wanted to show so he used the middle part of the story because it wasn't technologically impossible.
The movie was the highest grossing movie of all time at the time. The movie was made on a budget of 11 million dollars
The movie grossed 770 million dollars which adjusted for inflation would be 2.35 billion dollars today Avatar by James Cameron is the only movie to make more money. Coincidently, according to Biography channel website accessed 11 Aug 2013 Star Wars inspired him to quit his truck driving job and get into the film industry. Transition: Now that I have given you some background on the movie I can tell you about how Star Wars changed the way we watch and hear movies.
When George Lucas was writing the movie he had to contend with his ideas of what he wanted to see on the screen. He knew that the technology to do the things he wanted to see didn't exist. George decided to form his own special effects company so he could have them develop the technology he needed.
Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) was formed in 1975. According to author Julie Turnock in the Vol. 24 Issue 2 of the journal Film History(2012) ILM developed new movie technologies like light blurring and stop motion photography with motion control. These techniques have become the backbone in movies today and expanded on in movies like The Matrix. ILM has done special effects for over 400 movies since its inception. Movies such as the entire Star Wars series, the Indiana Jones series, the Jurassic Park series, ET, The Terminator series, Harry Potter series, all of the Marvel comics movies, and ironically all the Star Trek movies except for the first.
According to the ILM website