Identify The Product Attributes Customers Seek When Buying Hot Coffee

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Using Internet resources, identify the product attributes customers seek when buying hot coffee. (10 marks)
Customer tries to find reasonable price
Hint: You can classify most product attributes in terms of • price point • quality—conformance to specification (e.g., with hot coffee it might be the proper temperature, fresh, and free of foreign substances) • functionality—the elements customers value in a cup of coffee (e.g., taste, how it is served, store’s ambiance, the overall experience, selection).
Be sure to cite all references and information sources you use. • One of the important factor customers try to find hot coffee which is Costs Competitive while meeting the buyer needs and requirements. • •
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3)For this analysis, consider using an alternative form of the BCG growth matrix. Format your matrix with present products and new products in the matrix columns, and present markets and new markets in the matrix rows. (25 marks)
Quadrant 1: These are possible growth opportunities for the company. The company will need to invest to grow this market.
Quadrant 2: These are like Problem Childs. They could be successful or not. They will require substantial investment by the company to develop the market.
Quadrant 3: These products are the established products that require little investment.
Quadrant 4: These are new products that can take advantage of the existing customer base for established products.
|Name of |Market |Description |Market Growth|Your Share of |BCG Category |Strategy |
|Cereal | | |Rate |This Market | | |
|Begal |For Break fast | Begal is a ring form bread |High |Low, We are going|Question mark |We have to decide |
| | |product from yeasted wheat dough | |to be brand new | |to support it or |
| | |which is boiled for short time and| |product in this | |drop it |
| | |then