Statistics and Heart Rate Essay

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The aim of this assignment is to see if male students are fitter then fmale students at Taminmin College. This will be done by collecting data such as: the resting pulse of three maths applications classes, their pulse after a minute of intense working out and the students pulse two minutes after their intense workout. This information will be used to measure each student’s level of fitness; fitness is measured by how quickly your heart rate drops after working out. The data will then be tabled and analysed in the three class groups, Meyering, Pizzutto and Myburgh. I first used a table to store the classes’ data, then I created a histogram per class to determine the spread of the data, I used a box plot to show my statistical summary. I then used the GOSCSC process to analyse and discuss my data; lastly I concluded my investigation and discussed important assumptions and limitations that could affect my investigation results.
Each class conducted their own data stats by each individual calculated their resting heart rate (bpm) for one minute by counting every beat for thirty seconds then doubled their result to get the final answer. After finding their rest heart rate each individual done a intense workout for one minute and checked there rate at 0min after completing the one minute workout and then again after 2 mins of resting. After putting the data from each of the classes together we then continued on discussing different ways of calculating the difference in physical levels between males and females using