Statistics: Statistics and Single Scientific Interpretation Essay

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MATH302 Suggested Practice Problems—Chapter 1

CH1 Review

2. Despite the fact that probability plays such an integral part in our analysis and interpretation of chance events and uncertainty, there is no single scientific interpretation of probability. Some interpret probability in the context of relative frequency, others utilize a subjective approach. In all cases, however, it is fair to say that probability deals with the analysis and interpretation of chance events. Probability is an important tool in medicine, meteorology, marketing, human behavior, law, engineering, etc.

3. The ways in which statistics are used in everyday life are almost limitless. For example: Statistics are used in legal proceedings involving employment discrimination and DNA testing. Statistics are used in managerial situations to display and capture data regarding sales, revenues, profits, etc. Statistics are used in manufacturing to effect process controls. Statistics are used in sports to establish tendencies and relate performance.

4. A population is the totality of all subjects possessing certain characteristics being studied. A sample is a subset of the population.

6. a. Inferential b. Descriptive c. Descriptive d. Descriptive e. Inferential f. Inferential g. Descriptive h. Inferential

12. a. Cluster b. Systematic c. Random d. Systematic e. Stratified

17. a. Experimental b. Observational c. Observational d. Experimental

21. Statistics, which are generated from samples, can never by themselves prove anything. The only way that one can