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(1) A study of the number of cars sold looked at the number of cars sold at 500
Dealers The smallest dealer had 11 cars sold and the largest had 154 cars sold. If you were going to create a frequency distribution of the number of cars sold using six classes in your frequency distribution, which of the following might be a reasonable first class?
(a) 0 to 25 _
(2) Give that a sample of 25 had x = 75, and (x-x)² = 48 the mean and standard deviation are _ (c)
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Let X represent the number of children in Canadian household. (b) 2.2

(24) A sales representative make 3 in person visits to customers every morning. Out of the 3 visits, she will make either 0, 1.3 or 3 sales. The probabilities are 0.2, 0.4, 0.3, and 0.1, respectively. For each sale, she gets a commission of $100. Her expected commissions for one morning’s visits are – (b) 130

(25) The binomial distribution is a distribution.
(a) Which is always symmetric
(b) Can always be used when sampling without replacement (W/A).
(c) Which always takes integer values
(d) Which is always more spread out than the normal distribution
(e) None

(26) A random variable is found by sampling classes at CSUN and counting the number of those classes with over 200 students enrolled. Which of the following distributions might be the distribution of this random variable. (b) Normal

(27) For a given hypothesis test, the null hypothesis can be rejected at the 0.05 level of significance. We can infer that P-value.
(a) Is less than 0.05

(28) When you increase the size of your sample from a population, (a)You decrease the population standard deviation (W/A)
(b) You increase the standard deviation of the sample mean (W/A).
(c) You decrease the standard deviation of the