Stay Awake, Stay Alive! Essay

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Staying awake while on duty is important for many reasons. First of all, I could potentially endanger not only myself, but also the rest of my platoon. Should an enemy slip by while I slept, they could possibly detonate a VBIED or kill battle buddies through any number of other means. Families could be destroyed because of my mistake.
But the damage may not stop there…
Every family would be hurt when they were forced to read the words; “I regret to inform you...” The Army itself would have to explain to everyone that it was due to the carelessness of one SPC Swan. If only he had not fallen asleep on duty, this whole terrible event could have been prevented. My own family would feel ashamed of my actions...
I, and I alone, am solely
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I cannot allow myself to continue this course of action. I cannot allow my level of professionalism to be anything other than exemplary.
Responsibility and accountability are important parts of being a soldier and I have shown neither. Something important that may help is to maintain habits as strict at home as I do on duty. Having a night time routine is a good example of this. Shower, brush my teeth, get my uniforms ready for the next day; are but a few steps in establishing such a routine. A good night’s sleep is essential to maintaining the proper level of alertness and makes you more able to meet the days mission, whatever it may be. A good dinner time and evening pleasantries like working out and being online not too late are ways to improve on a night’s sleep. I know I haven’t slept well lately due to many factors, but that is no excuse. Distractions can be ignored, good habits can be maintained if not reinforced, and a schedule can be implemented at any time. I simply have not done this and so I am to blame. I have not fulfilled my responsibilities myself, my unit, or to my country.
I know I must take steps to insure that I meet the army standards, I know I must do all I can to not only remain awake, alert, and ever vigilant, but also to do so with the pride that comes with being a member of this organization. I must strive to constantly improve in all aspects of the Army. I must be more knowledgeable of