Stem Cell Essay

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Science vs. Religion
Things in life can be seen to show similarities to other things, but if they have similarities, then they could also have differences. Stem cell research has been going on for a while testing how your own cells can help you get better. Stem cell research can help perfect cells, cure diseases, and even help you in gut, brain, and muscle function. It sounds the perfect cure for every disease, but many religions think that it defies god’s decisions. They believe that god made you with that imperfection and you should stay that way.
Stem cell research has been going on for many years trying to perfect cells. Perfecting the cells can help animals and people. This science experiment can help many sick people. Science is a big part in our world to help and to cure diseases. Throughout many years people’s, beliefs have changed. Several people around the world are starting to believe in science.
Since the day scientists released this idea, many religions found problems with it. Religions believe that you should stay the way god made you. If you have a disease, then god made you that way on purpose. Numerous religions fight against this research and are trying to stop all advancements. Religions have been developed many years ago and been turned in to churches, temples, etc, having all different views of the bible.
Science and religion go hand in hand. Even though it is believed that god made us, science had a major part in religion. Science is starting to have its own viewpoint.