Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cells are the blank cells that can be inserted into an organism that would ultimately help produce more cells. There are people who believe that Stem cells should be used for medical purposes and those who believe it should not. I believe that Stem cells should be used for medical procedures because it helps make more cells. It also helps cells repair damaged tissue. Not only do I believe that stem cells should be used in Medical purposes but EU as well.
In an Article found on BioSpectrum Asia, EU actually states that it recommends stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy is what is done to prevent a disease or a condition from worsening; treating it. The European Medical agency is responsible for the protection of human health therefore I doubt that they would be endangering the people by recommending stem cell treatment. The EMA’s job is to actually evaluate certain things like this, searching and collecting all their data and coming to a conclusion that the stem cells should indeed be used.
This is not the only reason however though, of why I feel stem cells should be used for medical purposes.
( “EU recommends stem cell therapy”)
Research shows that a production of stem cells can restore vision in a person’s eye. There are stem cells located in the eye that if placed on the cornea can heal it and ultimately restore vision. This is yet just another reason of why stem cells should be used in medical practices.
This stem cell prevents the act of having to replace the cornea itself and shows effects too.
Stem cells allow people for more options as well. Stem cells help get rid of and prevent scars so it is another solution and treatment for scarring. When dealing with wounds apparently researches have decided the topical creams have no advantages, unfortunately. However, luckily stem cells do provide an effect that is quite to the advantage when dealing with wounds and scarring. Since the stem cells repair the tissue there is no way of scarring. Adding to the advantages of stem cells and reasoning as to why it should be allowed in medical practices.

A reason as to why stem cells may be the wrong choice is that it can cause cancer. Scientists have looked into the research provided, and found that there may possibly be something wrong with the stem cell gene. When it is inserted into an organism it affects the genes ultimately creating what seems to be cancer cells. The cancer cells of course will have a negative effect on the other cells and practically cause the same results as