Step forward red Essay

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Martin 1
Honors English 1

Step Forward, Red.

My morning routine is the same every morning. I have to set three alarms knowing the first won't wake me up. Once i gather my strength to pull myself out of bed, the sleep i lost from the past night hits me. I use the little energy i have left to wash my face and throw on the first thing i see in my closet, loosing train of though as the tiredness overcomes my every thought. Glancing down at the clock which reads 8:15, I grab my things and run out the door not only forgetting my lunch, but breakfast and homework.
"Whats the rush?" i heard my mom ask, but i fail to reply. As i escape my mothers repudiative every morning lectures reminding me of the flaws dark enough i even failed to realize they were even there. After seeing she had gotten under my skin, she uses the same excuse of "its because i love you Cassie". Balling up my fists i resist the urge to just break down and cry knowing there's not a damn thing in the world i can do to get her off my back. The walk to the bus stop clears my head as the cold air nips at my thin sweater giving me chills all over. As i pass the little colonial house on the corner, my dry cracked lips curve into a smile, that abandoned house on the corner was the most beautiful old fashioned home in all of Connecticut. Standing alone at the bus stop with the image of the house flashing through my mind. Swinging my backpack over my shoulder and reaching in the little pocket on the side and finding it empty. "Damn it!" I muttered realizing my phone was on my bedside table. Sitting alone at the bus stop got more and more awkward by the minute, cars speeding passed, I could feel the eyes of the passengers watching me as they blur around the corner. I hear the loud rumble of the bus approaching at 5 miles and hour. The bus stops to pick up the group of kids around the corner and I'm still out of sight. preparing myself for the embarrassment of a full bus of judgmental high schoolers. As i look the opposite direction a red cars comes racing towards me. It halts to a stop and the man in the passenger seat ran out and came at me with a bag, barely being able to make out what he looks like, i got shoved into the trunk. All i saw was a blonde headed man, middle aged and short, my adrenaline rushing and it all became a blur. The last thing i heard was "You're worth thousands." I feel the car pull out and jerk to a stop. a door opens then slams shaking the whole car. The lock on the trunk clicks and I see light shining through my burlap sack over my head. Then a loud noise and a sharp pain shattering my partially dumb skull as his fist slams down of the side of my head and I'm out. The darkness surrounded me almost as if someone had turned off all the lights and i feel myself falling further and further into a deep painful sleep. When i wake up we are back on the road. The sack remains on my head but I can feel its night time. When i try to lift my head, all i felt was a sharp pain erupting from my skull bringing me to tears to my eyes. Trying to move my hands and feet i realize they are ties with sharp brittle rope cutting away at my skin. BAM the car stops and i slam into the inside of the trunks door unable to stop myself from smacking the door. Now I'm lying on top of my arms as i slowly feel them going numb along with the rest of my body. Now that the car wasn't moving my first instinct was to run and scream, but i was unable to do so because of my bleeding ankles and wrists. I hear voices approaching the trunk. The trunk swung open and the men pulled me out. We were at some kind of building but i didn't know what. They place me on the ground dragging me across the gravel tearing holes into my jeans and piercing my skin. we stopped and once again I feel myself slipping away slowly. Martin 2 I woke up with the bag still over my head. This time i was tied to a chair. I couldn't speak to save my life, my