Stereotypes Of Black Women Essay

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When a Black woman gets upset, everyone runs for the hills. They are seen as the ones that get mad easily and are judgemental in situations so people leave them be so they don’t have to deal with it. Black women are unfairly characterized as “angry”, “sassy”, and too opinionated. People just see the surface of a person at first glance and if it’s your first time meeting a person and they’re having a bad day, it’s not truly them. Brooks describes,“There’s so much depth to who they are” other than what people make you look like from afar rather than really getting to understand a person for who they are. There’s more than the attitude behind the Black women: Black women are “mothers”, “heroes”, and “sisters” who fight for what they want individually, as well as advocating for families and friends. Putting them in a stereotypical box of “you …show more content…
This book, Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black America In America, is about the stereotypes of the Black women and ways society tries to bring them to their end but pushes through more than anyone else could. It puts them in a structured group to make them into a certain picture when they can be that sometimes but also more positive things along the way. Black women try their best to push past it and keep going to prove the people of society wrong. The “women's attempts to stand up for themselves have been dismissed as the ramblings of "angry women” (The Angry Black Woman's Guide For Life), but still continue to survive and prosper. It took women decades to gain suffrage, it didn’t stop them, women still press the idea of equal wages, and with all that Black women are fighting the world over their importance and relevance. These strong, usually independent women, but regarded with negative connotation as “annoying”, “arrogant”, and “wishing for the wrong things”. Black women are only seen as something they truly aren't and never given a fresh start or any