Minorities: Equal Rights And Stereotypes

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Minorities should have the same rights as majorities reminding us that everyone is equal. The journey for minorities to gain and maintain equality has not been easy. Minority groups have fought for ages to be treated equally. Whether it be for racial equality, gay rights or women's equality, these problems continue to be a struggle. Minorities have fought relentlessly for their rights and equality.
Within our society, majority groups have unfair power over minorities. This power has caused a division between the general masses and minority groups. In the United States the white population had, and in many cases, still has power over the black minority. The white families had control over their black slaves which was completely unfair. Langston
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Men have often stereotyped women as incapable of the same work or career choices, even though women are just as capable. In more recent history, we have had many women in leadership roles or jobs, for example, Alberta has a female Premier and Obama stated in his essay, This is What a Feminist Looks Like, that the States has had female Army Rangers. Women fought and continue to fight to have the same careers and pay scale as men. As Obama said in his essay on Feminism, women often face a ‘glass ceiling’ in the workforce. They are faced with obstacles and limitations as they try to move up in the workforce even though they can see the potential advancements. It is unfair that women are viewed as bossy when being assertive and men are viewed as ambitious. Women frequently feel guilty for denying gender roles and becoming leaders in the workplace. In North America we are getting closer to gender equality every day yet it is still a battle that needs to be …show more content…
Some places in the world are not as fortunate, and their minorities are still fighting for equality. Even in the United States gay marriage rights were just recently granted. Before that many same sex couples would come to Canada to be married. It is unjust that the Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Queer (LGBTQ) community had to fight to earn the same rights as the heterosexual majority. They had to fight a long battle for their rights and equality in society as is evident in the photograph posted in the 1987 Washington Blade. The LGBTQ community has been fighting all over the world for their right to become legally and openly married while having their rights protected. In some parts of the world they still do not have the equality they deserve. The stigma and labels surrounding gay marriage is shameful. All humans regardless of sexuality deserve to have the same respect, protection, and rights. In today's society it is shocking that leaders across the world cannot put aside their own insecurities and ignorance to see the greater good that comes from treating all humans as