Stereotypes Of Racism, Prejudice And Discrimination In America

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“NIGGER”. A young and hopeful schoolgirl opens her planner one morning to find that this word is grotesquely scrawled out in blood red sharpie across the pages of her book. She realizes that she is yet again the victim of her fellow classmate’s racist antics. In embarrassment and anger, she swiftly shuts the book closed and tries to forget the menacing smile on her antagonist’s face as she notices that the schoolgirl has seen her work of “art”. Although I knew that I was more than the derogatory word I had been labeled with, deep inside, my spirit rendered itself broken. America has come a long way from its dark past of the Jim Crow law days, dating back to 1877 and all the way up into the 1950s. Its people have become more diverse and adherent to the fact that Americans come in all colors and sizes. The American people claim and strive to uphold beliefs such as freedom, equality, and individuality. All these things stand true in theory and idea; however, the dark realities, reflected through its citizens, tend to be overlooked in this civilization deemed the “land of opportunity”. Besides discrimination, many other negative characteristics plague the American race. …show more content…
Overindulgence vexes this nation. In a land filled with milk and honey, and effortless leisure, the philosophy of “living to eat” has become more popular as this society advances. According to the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), “Obesity rates have more than doubled…since the 1970’s.” This disease taunts approximately “25% of toddlers and one-third of all school age children” and “More than two-thirds of U.S. adults…” With an excess of just about everything in this culture, most American citizens do not go without, and will readily help themselves to all pleasures possible with no