Stolen Into Slavery Quotes

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Have you ever realized how hard it was for slaves in the olden days? Well, in the story, “Stolen into Slavery” by Judith and Dennis Fradin, there are quotes made as chapter titles that help determine what the main character, Solomon Northup, went through after he was captured and turned into a slave. All the chapter quotes indicate what the chapter is going to be about. The chapters that really help understand what Solomon Northup went through were chapters six, eight, and ten. These chapters have strong quotes that help explain what the chapters are about. The first chapter that determined what Solomon Northup went through is chapter six. The quote in chapter six relates to the education slaves got if they were not educated before they were captured. The quote from chapter six is, “If I ever catch you with a book.” This quote means slave owners did not let their slaves get educated because if they were, they might be able to escape. In the text, it states, “Over a period of a few days he wrote a letter chronicling how he’d been kidnapped into slavery and explaining that he was on the Epps plantation in the vicinity of Holmesville and Marksville Louisiana” (63). Therefore, Solomon had …show more content…
This quote points out Solomon might have a plan to escape. The quote in this chapter is, “How can I spend my last days here?” This quote means Solomon Northup might have a way to escape. Also, he might want to take the next couple days to finalize his "big" plan. In the text, it states, “Time seemed to slow to a crawl as the day approached that Samuel Bass was supposed to return” (83). This example explains Solomon waited anxiously for Samuel Bass to arrive. Slaves were not treated fairly. They did not have any rights what so ever and yet if they tried to escape, they could be beaten or even put to death. That's why not a lot of slaves attempt to escape because if they get caught it is bad