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American Freedom Americans are fortunate to have freedom since our rights are protected. However, all people have characteristics that diminish freedom. In the story, “The Story of an Hour,” by Kate Chopin; Mr. Mallard, her husband, sustains Mrs. Mallard of her freedom. Mr. Mallard was in a railroad crash and died. Mrs. Mallard has mixed emotions about this, and then she is in for the reveal of a very big secret. The author uses symbolism, situational irony, and dramatic irony to explain the theme: a person will desire freedom above all else.
Looking through an open window in her room, Mrs. Mallard mourns the death of her husband. As she looks out the window, she sees new opportunities and freedom. She sees the new spring life, which means the birth/rebirth of her freedom. The story leads us to believe that she has NO freedom in her “old life” but lots more in her “new life”. This quote brings to life the excitement that the author is trying to show – she is “free, free, free”(Chopin - #10).
Mrs. Mallard had many mixed feelings when she heard about her husband’s death. Was she a bad person for having this freedom? Her husband was dead. She loved him; she knew she would cry again. “She knew she would see the kind, tender, hand filled in death”(Chopin - #12). This quote explains how she was not positive about her freedom, still knowing that she still loved her husband. He was cruel and retained her freedom but at the same time he was kind, tender and nice to her.
Richards stands waiting at the bottom of the stairs for Mrs. Mallard and Josephine. The door opens, Richards sees Mr. Mallard.