Story Of Stuffs Essay

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“This is the story about world obsessed with stuff, story of system and crisis, we are trashing the planet, we are trashing each other and we are not even having fun. We can turn all this problems into solutions”—these lines seems alarming call for all of us
Summary of Story of stuffs:
Stuff move through these following steps :- extraction>production>distribution>consumption>disposal this is a linear way which is not seems practical as it involves society, economy, environment.
People Play important part in above system
Some upsetting data obtained from Story of stuff
*We are trashing the planet, we are running out of resources and stuff,1/3 of planet is already consumed.
*In US only less than 4% of original forest present, 40% of water ways are undrinkable,
*We are using more than our share, US has only 5% of world’s population but we are using 30% of world resources creating 30% of worlds waste.
*Loosing 200 trees a minute in amazon alone
*Producing 100,000 synthetic chemicals without knowing there impact on us and to the environment
*BFR chemical which make things more fire proof .We are using them in computer, couches even to other pillows. This chemical is neurotoxic got concentrates on our body .Baby’s get this neurotoxic by breast feeding from mother. Many females at reproductive age work in carcinogenic chemical factories. They are just looking for money no matter how toxic it is.
*4 billion pound of toxic chemicals are produced each year in US alone to reduce this the factories were moved overseas but this has helped a little because pollution still moves through the air
The two strategies were come into consideration are
1) Planned obsolescence (another word for “designed for the dump”)—plastic bag, coffee mugs, barbeque and even computer.
2) Perceived obsolescence—(change the way stuff look) for e.g.; changing fashion and you has to keep yourself up to date according to present era
*Advertisement and media play a role in this by showing us that everything whatever we have is wrong but becomes right only when you go to shopping
*National happiness is declining
*Only two leisure left are watching TV and do shopping
*All our stuff goes to the dumpster and resulted into 4.5 pound of garbage a day twice as of30 yrs. ago. It will than Burnt in incinerator and then dumped into landfill. This way we are polluting air; land and water this will change the climate and release toxic in the air (dioxin)
*For this purpose US export the disposable to overseas