Essay on Story of a Teacher: From Being a Cop to a Teacher

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yoloTwo convicts are locked in a cell. There is an unbarred window high up in the cell. No matter if they stand on the bed or one on top of the other they can't reach the window to escape. They then decide to tunnel out. However, they give up with the tunneling because it will take too long. Finally one of the convicts figures out how to escape from the cell. What is his plan? was a cold September at five o’clock as usual. This year, immature kids, math papers, and sleepless nights are what I’m going to be facing this school year of 2014-2015. Im Mr. Laughlin, your average woodshop teacher. I’ve been teaching for 5 years so far and everything is always the same year after year. Since the three months of summer vacation is gone, it’s time to go back teaching my regular 6th grade woodshop class. This morning, I started my day with an egg muffin from McDonald’s which is my all-time favorite. When I reached the parking lot at Marston, I parked my car tired and desperate for some more sleep. As walking into the teacher’s lounge, I was greeted by other teachers with welcomes. So far, it seems like your average middle school. Now it’s period 4, my break period. Finally, I get to rest and not hear kids complain about each other. It’s just one period away from lunch, heaven for probably every teacher. Though, my break period consists of rock n roll music and graded papers. Joyfully jamming to my music, the lockdown bell starts to ring like it’s the end of the world. Now im walking