Essay about Strategic Marketing Plan for a Water Bottling Company

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Strategic Marketing Plan for Water Mart Systems (Pvt.) Ltd




| 1.1 - Definitions for marketing |3 |
| 1.2 – The role and the importance of marketing in strategic planning |3 |
| 1.3 - Introduction to the company – Water Mart Systems (Pvt.) Ltd |5 |
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It relies on developing a clear company mission, supporting objectives, a sound business portfolio and coordinated functional strategies.

The importance of marketing is seen by the overlap between overall company strategy and marketing strategy.

Marketing looks at the consumer needs and the company’s ability to satisfy them. These same factors guide the organization’s mission and objectives. Organization strategy deals with many marketing variables, market share, market development, growth. Therefore these two aspects of strategic planning and marketing planning are intertwined.

Marketing plays a key role in organization’s strategic planning process. It works as a guiding philosophy to the organizational strategy to revolve around meeting the needs of its customers. It also provides inputs to the management by identifying the marketing trends, changing consumer requirements, identification of attractive markets and assesses the organization’s potential for maximizing on it.

1.4 - Introduction to the company – Water Mart Systems (Pvt.) Ltd

Water Mart Systems (Pvt.) Ltd started its operations on 1st of November 1995. Their head office is located at No. 564, Galle Road, Colombo 03 and for sales & distribution purposes there are two branch offices in Pepiliyana and Kurenegala. Ever since then Water Mart has been supplying natural mineral water according to the