Strategic Plan, Part Ii: Swott Analysis Essay

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Strategic Plan, Part II: SWOTT Analysis
Neltresia McLellan
Bus 475/ Integrated Business Topics
Fritz Hibbler

SWOTT Analysis

Figure A provides the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and Trends for Intelligent Resources Unlimited. The external and internal factors outlined in the table provide information necessary to identify the progression of the company. The factors will guide the strategic direction that upper management must consider for the good of the company. The internal factors such as the strategy, structure, processes and systems, resources, goals, culture and technologies play an important role in determining where the company stands and where the company is going. Intelligent Resources Unlimited realizes
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Goals Set long and short goals to reach based on team performance and call center expectations from clients. Short term goals may be difficult if Average Handling Times are not met. To exceed customer expectations on how many customers are handled by the hour and how many repeat customers comment on job performance of representatives Setting goals and expectations too high. Loosing contract to other call centers who may be more efficient or less expensive.
Strategic capabilities Core competencies in key areas. No clear strategic direction Ability to grow due to increases in market demand. No contingency plan to deal with loop holes.
Culture Well-conceived functional area strategies Obsolete facilities Failing language barriers in attractive foreign markets. Entry of lower-cost foreign competitors.
Technologies Basic core features of computer applications and software are user-friendly and updated. Cost of new technologies to stay competitive and current. Ability to enter into an expanded market in digital age and modern technologies via media space and satellites..
Innovations Encourage new ideas and suggestions. Ideas not welcomed by clients and becomes too overbearing . Ability to transfer skills/technology to new products. A new call center who may prove efficiently and less expensive with larger market knowledge.
Leadership Proven management skills on each level of