Stress Related Gland In The Endocrine System

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The primary stress related gland in the endocrine system is the adrenal. gland, which “secrete[s] hormones involved in the stress response” (101). One of the hormones that the adrenal gland releases is called epinephrine, commonly known as adrenaline (101). When a stressful situation takes place in one’s life, the adrenal glands release epinephrine to make sure that the body enough energy to “fight off” the threats that the body senses. For example, in the movie Due date, Ethan Chase takes Peter Highman to Los Angeles from Atlanta. During one of the scenes where Highman takes a nap in the car while Chase drives, Chase accidently falls asleep. This causes for Highman to wake up in a panic where he immediately tries to wake Chase before they crash. Peter Highman had the ability to become so alert right after waking because his adrenal glands recognized the stress related to the circumstances, which resulted in the adrenal glands releasing the adrenaline into his bloodstream. …show more content…
The function of the sympathetic nervous system was more beneficiary to ancestors that faced physical threats because now, people face more psychological threats, such as a student trying to cram information for an exam (88). Both instances conduct question of how a person would respond to a threat, known as the fight or flight response. Though both situations lead to a person’s fight or flight response, or how or how a person reacts, the terms “fight” and “flight” are more apparent in a physically threatening situation. For example, the reality television show Bad Girls Club (2006-present) involves women from all over America who live in a house together. These women often fight each other over any issue presented, and when one girl decides to get in another girl’s face, they will either fight each other or walk