Strive To Be Objective Essay

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Strive to be objective (By Jack Wang)
The world today is a hectic mess. News is happening all around us, and the only source that acts as a filter between the chaos and the general public is the media. The media represented by the journalists hold upon themselves a great responsibility when they are acting as this filtering apparatus. However, is reporting news the only responsibility journalists have? No, they do much more than that. Good journalists must understand that there is more than one interpretation for any given event. They must strive to stay objective and present all areas of the story because this is what’s important to the audience. By doing so, it creates accurate and exciting journalism. According to the Canadian Association of Journalist, a reporter’s duty is to observe not to advocate. However, this can often be difficult because the world is a subjective place. Everything is open to interpretation, and everyone has their own biased point of view. A good journalist must suppress the urge to assume and pass judgement. The reason for following such a difficult standard is because the public wants reporters to witness events first hand and recap the event through ways they can understand without any distortion. That way, even though they were not there to witness it, the public can still use their own judgement on a story. A perfect example of this would be the Tumblr article about the Muslim riot in Syria. This article shows many pictures of Muslims desecrating the American flag, but it also shows many pictures of Muslims holding up signs apologizing for their behaviour. The author stays objective throughout the whole article, therefore providing the readers with the freedom to form their own opinions about the event that occurred in Syria. World events are not meant to be seen by only one country; they are seen by a diversity of people across the world. The problem with that is different cultures possesses radically don't fucking steal my work different worldviews. News reports that are considered acceptable in some countries can be rude or derogatory in others. In order to avoid damages from cultural insensitivity, journalists must distinguish these views and understand them, not just from their own cultural point of view, but also from others. The NATO-led coalition force has reported over forty don't fucking steal my work five deaths by the Afghan securities due to misunderstandings, and cultural differences. The danger of cultural insensitivity must not be underestimated. Journalists must strive to be objective in order to avoid any potential conflicts they may cause. Upon careful research of journalism, one will find that the main reason why the media opposes journalists being subjective is due to the fact that opinionated stories often do not appeal to the general public. When a story leaves out certain facts or is biased,