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1. What are the central facts of the case Apple has developed through time from a garaged operated company to a multibillion dollar company that is now ranked second highest profitable company in the world. This success were lead by none other than the founder of the company Steve jobs. This success however, did not endure the hardship of external and internal business factor. The company had gone through hardships and success altogether. Apple name that is known everywhere as one of the most successful company in delivering its product has gone through many changes that made the company what it is today. Understanding the market is key to apples success that can be heavily contributed by the person who also found the company, Steve Jobs.
2. What are the major overriding issues in this case Steve Jobs had started the company with only one thing in mind, to create a computer that is innovative and revolutionary to the new industry. he believe that there are more to computer than just lines of programs and command that were native at the time. through innovation, Jobs created a first graphical interface computer that were first of its kind in 1980. This revolutionize the world in understanding that computer were able to used by everyone and opened new ideas on how computer operates, which leads to the idea of personal computer. Through the success of the business, Jobs decided to expand their line to personal computer, believing that there are market that still need to be tapped. in 1983, they began producing computer for personal use that was selling at a much lower price and easy to use interface. Success weren't the case when it comes to personal computer. Because of the expansion, Apple were lackluster and lost in its name and the company success began to fade. In belief that Apple company can benefit from an external help, they decided to hire John Sculley, executive of PepsiCo. Problem in hiring Sculley is that Jobs idea and Sculley did match. While Jobs wanted to take risky venture to further expand the company, Sculley believe that the company must take cautionary steps in order to prevent the company downfall. The board decided to go with Sculley and Jobs decided to quit the company altogether, selling all of his stock but one. Through time, Apple has lost its touch and Microsoft has taken its place as the first world leading computer. Due to arrogant decision of not opening its source to the open market, apple had been susceptible to its competitors and has lost sales in both market in personal computer and businesses alike. To save the company, Apple decided to buy company called NeXT, which was coincidently founded by Jobs. Jobs was once again part of the Apple company as an advisor. in 2001, the company decided to open a couple of store and introduced a new line of product known as Ipod. Even though the sales of Ipod were profitable, many believes that the direction that they go will not end well due to the music industry being sketchy and bewildered. Later on in 2007, the company decided to change its name from Apple Computer Inc. to Apple Inc. Jobs understand that the trend of personal computer has been long overdue and for the company sake, they decided to expand their market to other devices, which lead the research and development team to create a new line on the communication industry. Iphone was born and it was huge rave of the new product has anticipated many of its consumers. This newfound focus has also increases apple stock at an all time high. This help also creating the idea of innovating the phone industry by creating something known as the App Store. within days later, The App Store success was generating revenue up to a million dollars a day. Jobs realize that this will lead the company to the Billion Dollar market and making Iphone the third most popular phone in the market.
3. What sub-issues or related issues are present in the case that merit consideration, discussion,