Student Bill of Rights Essay

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Something I was involved in Prompt
Last year I was a part of the Lady Blast travel softball program. It was such an amazing experience that I will never forget. I only played three years of city softball prior so I tried out for the team competing against other girls who have played travel ball all their life. I was so nervous the two days of tryouts. At the end of tryouts, the coach said they would email us that night to let us know if we made the team or not. I was beyond anxious for that email, constantly updating the emails every thirty minutes. It was ten o'clock at night and it finally came. I opened the email next to my mom and the first words we saw were “Congratulations!”. I was so ecstatic. At weeks went by, we would have team bonds such as going shopping, going out to eat, or just having a sleepover. I never expected that those girls I was so jealous of their softball skills would become not only my best friends, but my sisters. We have such an inseparable bond that it's crazy to think what I would have done without them. We have even went to Disneyland and went camping together. It's also nice that all our parents get along and treat each other like family. These friendships meant a lot to me considering that I am an only child. In addition to having great friendships, I also had the chance to better my abilities in throwing, hitting, and pitching. The coaches and older girls were always so helpful and nice in showing me the right ways to do it. Softball is also