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Summer Search Code of Conduct
Summer Search strives for a sense of community in which the individual growth of all students is paired with the cultivation of mutual respect, tolerance, and understanding. Summer Search values and encourages individuality while also ensuring that our socially responsible community allows the individual student to flourish without threatening the privileges, freedom, or safety of him/herself, other individuals or groups, or the Summer Search program. Summer Search is committed to honest, open, and, equitable engagement with racial, religious, gender, ethnic, sexual orientation and other differences.
The national and local Summer Search staff reserve the right to dismiss a student from the program at our discretion, particularly if staff determine that a student has behaved in a manner that violates this Code of
Conduct, or has otherwise aligned themselves with a group or belief that endangers him or herself, others in the program, or the program’s operations.
The principles stated above are values that hold for the entire Summer Search community.
We Expect You To Be Engaged Throughout Your Participation In Summer Search
Your continued participation in Summer Search, at all times and in good faith, is vital to your experience and the success of Summer Search. Chronic disengagement from the Summer Search program by you, including statements indicating that you wish to withdraw from the program; refusing to make contact with Summer Search staff; or violating the Student Contract and related program expectations will not be tolerated.
Summer Search Will Not Condone Actions That May Cause Harm To You, Others, Or Summer Search Staff and
Summer Search does not allow behavior that disrupts or materially interferes with the basic rights of others, or the operations or core values of Summer Search. This includes actions that may result in physical harm to others; are unreasonably disruptive to the Summer Search community and/or summer program partners; or that result in, or reasonably can be expected to result in, damage to property.
By way of example, the following list of behaviors and conduct will not be allowed under any circumstances:

Assault, vandalism, throwing, hurling or firing projectiles without regard for persons or property.

Possession, use, or distribution of firearms, ammunition, explosives, or other weapons. Summer Search considers “firearms” to be any projectile firing device, including, without limitation, conventional firearms
(devices using gunpowder); all types of air rifles, guns using BBs, pellets, or darts; or any slingshot device.

Subjecting another person or group to abusive, threatening, intimidating, or harassing actions, including, but not limited to, those based on race, religion, gender, disability, age, economic status, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Engaging in sexual misconduct or non-consensual physical contact of a sexual nature—including acts using force, threat, intimidation, or advantage gained by the offended person’s mental or physical incapacity or impairment of