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The Role as a teacher could be an assessor, coach, counsellor lecturer, mentor, trainer or tutor. And responsibilities could be completing the attendance record, carrying out one to one tutorial, and review with learners, preparing and delivery teaching session. Teacher should be aware of the key aspects of current legislation, regulation and cods of practice relevant to subject and organisation and constantly updated. According to Ann Gravells, preparing to teach in lifelong learning sector. The Equality act (2006) has replaced the equal opportunities commission (EOC), the commission.
A. On like every other profession, teachers has to be keep up to date with all legislation and codes of practice to remain current with knowledge and skills with all changes that has taken place. In the united kingdom today the legislation and code of practice are;
1 children Act (2004). Every child matter. Well-being is the act of define the five every child matters outcome.
• Be healthy
• Stay safe
• Enjoy and achieve
• Make a positive contribution
• Achieve economic well-being
2 Code of professional practice (2008) is introduce by IFL. The code is based on seven behaviours:
• Professional integrity
• Respect
• Reasonable care
• Professional practice
• Criminal offence disclosure responsibilities during institute investigations
• Responsibilities
3 Copy right designs and patens Act (1988). This is adapting and distributing of material found via internet
4 Data protection act (1998) provide for the regulation of the processing of information relating to individual.
5 Education and skills act (2006) increase participation of learning for young people and adults
6 Equality act 2010 No discrimination within ono piece of legislation
7 Freedom of information act (2000) student have the opportunity to public information
8 Health and safety act work act (1974) HASAWA. This is impose to all staff within an organisation
9 Human rights act (1998) all people basic right
10 Protection of children act POCA (1999) POCA is designed to protect children
11 safeguarding vulnerable groups act (2006) is a barring scheme to make decision about who should be barred from working with children and vulnerable adults.
12 The further education teacher’s qualifications (England) Regulations (2007) this is a new qualifications for teacher and professional status for all teachers in the further education sector in England. Teachers must register with ILF and partake in CPD. a teachers hold be qualified and j=hold QTLS or ATLS status within five years if taking teaching position.
13 young people and adults. This is put in place for adult to have a basic and intermediate skills, giving adults a second chance to gain the skills they need in society and throughout their working lives
B boundaries between teaching role and other professional roles are teachers are to know where there role as a teacher stops and working within the limits. The boundaries as a teacher are: identifying needs, planning learning, facilitating learning, assessing learner, quality learning, quality assurance and evaluation. After Identifying my student needs, I will need to refer them to other professional within the institution for assistance.primaryly referral are divided into two. Internal and external. Internal support service are specialist or agency that deals with the issues the teachers cannot deal with, like, accommodation officer, careers adviser, colleagues, counsellors, examination officers financial services staff, first aiders, health and welfare officers, information, advice and guidance staff, interpreters, learning support staff, mentors, student support staff and student union representatives. External support service are specialist or agency that deals with ,like awarding organisation, bank or building societies, carers, charities, childcare agencies, citizen advice bureau,