Taking Time Off Research Paper

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Nowadays there is more and more pressure being placed on students to decide their futures with haste and that pursuing an immediate college education is the best and only option. There are those who say that yes students can go and work for a short time and that yes they should enjoy a little time off but that the only smart decision is the one where you start your life sooner and skip all the procrastination all together. These people that view this as the only plausible option for a good future often beg the question as to what can possibly be the value of not continuing a college education. Now, though these opinions may hold some logic, taking time off cannot be as negative as it is perceived by parents and adults alike. There are arguments that taking time off, post high school for example may lead to maturity through experience both negative and positive, and that taking time off also may help lead to lead personal growth and mental development of an obvious underdeveloped teens or your adults. Essentially taking time off may in fact be negative but the personal gains and life experiences earned are well worth the risk. Though taking time off soon after high school may lead to a growth in complacency and procrastination in a student, taking time off may show to offer a series of experiences that otherwise if in school would never be experienced. Taking time off to work is a smart and independent decision as you place it on yourself to be your own person. It teaches