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Regina Zeigler
Business Enterprise
August 23, 2010

Executive Summary
Taping into Talent will be a partnership whose primary goal will be to assist individuals who are in need of guidance on how to reinvent their careers. In addition to working with individuals they will also act as consultants to organizations where they will work with displaced employees and also conduct management seminars. Lastly, they will have a career blog where people will have an opportunity to read career articles and ask career-oriented questions.

Objectives 1. To launch a reputable agency that will provide individuals with avenues and the tools needed in order to establish a satisfying career. 2. To partner with various organizations to work closely with individuals who are being displaced due to the current state of the economy where downsized of staff is a necessity. 3. To conduct management seminars to create effective leaders. 4. To establish a sizable clientele that will allow the business to grow and flourish. 5. To create a career blog which will provide helpful career advice and answer career related questions.

Taping into Talent’s goal would be to provide a service to individuals who are looking to establish themselves in a career of their choosing or to determine a new career based on changes due to the current economy. The agency would work to “tap into someone’s hidden talents”; by administering various assessments to locate areas of interest, prepare an updated and eye catching resume; prepare them for interviews and suggesting courses of needed continuous education in order to guide them in the right direction. They will also provide a resource on cutting edge job search and career advice techniques via a blog on the World Wide Web.

Keys to Success
To have various success stories on which to build the foundation of the agency upon. This should be done in three ways. To have individuals who have already taken advantage of the services the agency offers and recommends it to their friends, formulate a career advice blog and lastly to obtain a contract with at least two companies in the area.

Legal Entity
Taping into Talent would be a partnership between me and a long-time friend, Kimberly Howell-Peterson who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing. Her expertise in marketing along with my MBA, background in management and human resources would allow us to compliment each other. It would be important to establish an Articles of Partnership agreement in order to formulate the role and responsibilities of each managing partner. Consistent meetings to keep each partner apprised of business proceedings would be imperative.

Industry and Market Analysis
Due to the current recession, Americans are being affected in many ways as seen in the housing and job markets. Many Americans are losing their jobs and in turn losing their homes. The current unemployment rate in the United States as of June 2010 is 9.6% and 10.1% in North Carolina as documented by information located on the web on a Google publication.

Many individuals having been employed at an organization often 15 years or more are finding themselves out of work and not possessing the skills needed in order to compete in a very competitive job market. Many years ago it was sufficient to have a high school diploma in order to locate employment and create a fulfilling career for yourself.

However, in a world where change is constant and a growing age of technology, further education such as college degrees and even master degrees are prevalent in order to have an edge over the next person. So what is an individual to do when they are faced with the reality that they are unemployed and somewhat disconnected from the business world without the proper skills and education to start a new career? The need for an agency who can work to prepare them for a new career