Essay on Student: Energy and Environmental Design

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Evidence has shown that environmental design has a long history. The Industrial Revolution led to build the suitable residences for different weather conditions. In the past and today, most buildings rely on fossil fuel in order to provide comfort for the occupants. Fossil fuel consumption may affect both the inside and outside of our living places. The most prominent elements of environmental design are air quality, noise level, light and moisture. First, engineers have to invent a way to retain building balance thermally. In this situation the human body should feel comfortable without any effort. To reach this, the designer should let residents even control some part of their environment. Second, everyone on the Earth is influenced by the electromagnetic spectrum, which is wave form energy. A common source of electromagnetic energy is the sun. But human activities such as producing greenhouse gas led to the depletion of the ozone layer. As a result, many eye and skin diseases have increased. In addition, eyes are affected by brightness range through adapting to different light levels in our surrounding. Moreover, sound is another kind of wave which affects the environment. Although the ear and brain are able to filter extra sounds, noise level in the building should be low enough to have a comfortable place. The designer can choose different materials with absorbing and reflecting features to build the elements to perform a certain function. For instance, in a library