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Caring For Creation- Symposium of Sustainability
Sustainability is the promise for long term preservation of well-being, containing ecological, economic, political and cultural dimensions for current and future generations of mankind. This symposium had several guests that all played a crucial role in helping to reduce energy efficiencies. A member of the private sector continually addressed the importance of sustainability values. The main value of sustainability is for greater respect. The purpose of energy surveillance and greener knowledge is to balance the needs of others and nature. The purpose is to seek a better way of life. All of the individuals who presented in this presentation all had one large similarity; passion for the environment and safety of our lives now, as well as the lives in the future. The members of the panel strived to address the importance of education. The University of Scranton successively educates and provides the further knowledge to allow students to continue their passion and make a change in our society. Janet Warnick, a biochemistry graduate of 1987, now a part of the DEP and Northeast Regional Manager, talked to us about why she does what she does. The main notion of her discussion was that she wants to make an impact on her society and environment. She is thinking about her relatives, coworkers, and people all around in her commnity. Barbara Giovagnoli, manager of Lackawanna County’s office of Environmental Sustainability and Recycling Coordinator, states how we need to respect environmental needs more. Sustainability is not just a cause and effect program. Companies, and individuals passionate about sustainability think more towards long-term goals and doing the means to provide success. The