The Pros And Cons Of A Career Specialist

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In almost any professional field people can be divided into two major groups: specialists and generalists. A career builder may find disadvantages of belonging solely to either one of these groups. In my opinion, flexibility is the key to success. Whereas being a representative of either one of these groups may have advantages and disadvantages, a flexible specialist who would not lose himself in the changing world and would accommodate to the changes quickly will be in the winning position. Continuous self-education can help a specialist to stay flexible and succeed. We name a specialist that person who in their professional field focuses on practicing of a particular quite limited set of skills and is a big expert of what they do. One of my close friends Mark is an insurance premium auditor who spends most of his work time going to places of business and auditing employee records of business owners in order to adjust their premiums for general liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Every day he has the same tasks to complete: look through a company’s general ledger for the period of an audit, collect paperwork that would prove the ground for new adjustments to a premium, and make a report to an insurance company. He, being an expert at his work, told me that he has been in this profession for the past 5 years and he finds it pretty boring to practice the same skills every day as he knows his duty very well now and there is little left to explore. This example shows that one of the major advantages of being a specialist in some certain narrow professional field is being highly specialized and skilled in a particular field. A specialist will know their work extremely well which excludes a chance for errors and gives an advantage to one in comparison to their opponents if they ever have to look for another place of work. On the other hand, a person who specializes in a narrow field may get eventually bored of the same work routine that they have to perform every single working day. Being a specialist may also mean little or no growth in salaries and no promotion to a higher position