Professional Knowledge and Ability Essay

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Developing professional knowledge in your career preference can only increase your ability to go further in your career. With the ability for an individual to achieve an advance level of education in their professional career can only lead to further success in all that they do professionally and personally.
With the necessity for higher education by employers, some well experienced employees are being overlooked due to not having any degree. Many people in the work force have found that now employers are requiring a degree where it was not required before. For an employee to have the competitive edge they need to make sure they have some degree or professional certification.
The field of my choice is Forensic Accounting. As stated by D. Larry Crumbley, forensic accounting is: is accounting that is suitable for legal review, offering the highest level of assurance, and including the now generally accepted connotation of having been arrived at in a scientific fashion. One association that is in this fielded is National Association of Forensic Accountants, also known as NAFA. This association provides training and certification to certified public accountants in various fields of forensic accounting. This is the oldest association of certified public accountants specializing in forensic and or investigative accounting. There is another association called The Forensic Accounting Association of North America. This association has developed a website to access information and to share information to forensic accountants and others like the government, attorneys, insurance adjusters, as well as individuals and private companies. This association offers people in need of a forensic accountant to Professional 3 search by criteria in their location to be able to correspond with a person as well as to find the right accountant to assist their needs. This site is like a match-maker for forensic accountants and their person in need of this type of service and or expertise.
Since all professional accountants operate within a commercial legal environment, all professional accountants are, in a sense, forensic accountants. What distinguishes forensic accounting in common parlance, however, are the engagements. That is, when a professional accountant accepts an engagement where they anticipate that their finding or analysis may be subject to adversarial or judicial scrutiny or