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Fanta Kamara
English 1010
November 5, 2013
Student Loans
The chosen viewpoints that I have chosen are the New York Times and The Journal of Economics. The New York Times focused more on reducing student loans. It did not provide much information, such as the different types of student loans and it can affect a student in the long run. It also focused more on opinion rather than facts. The New York Times doesn’t specifically explain why students take loans and do some take too much or too little. They explained what is considered in order to receive a student loan. The Journal of Economics explained the rise of student loan. They explained how college is used as an investment where sometimes you lose and sometimes you gain. Journal of Economics have data and graphs that explained the rise of student loans and the money that most graduates can make. The Journal also explained on why some people do not attend college and if they do the reasons for dropping out. Both articles were good but the Journal of Economics provided more information than the New York Times.
Fanta Kamara
September 3, 2013
English 1010
Free Writing
I always wonder why life is unfair. I believe that the people that deserves more, get less. The ones that deserve less get more. I wonder why we into this world when so many don’t even last in it. Someone ones told me the reason is to praise God and God alone. Death is a pain that will never go away no matter what happens in life. Many individuals, like me, become discourage, lost, and confused when a love one or someone very close to us pass away. Why go to college? I have seen so many people graduate from college but makes it nowhere in life. Why go to college if you can’t make a living and have to live pay check to pay check. I notice that many don’t even practice what they study in college. So much many is spend in to college that after graduation, you don’t even make the same amount in a year. Is the government for…