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Student Rant

In my opinion students are the ones to blame for the rising drop out rate. It’s really up to the student to decide if he/she is going to stay in school and really try to graduate. Or they also have the choice to drop out. For example, Marcus the student in the Documentary “Drop Out Nation” really did not seem very motivated to finish his high school education. With a lot of support given to him by his Campus Improvement Coordinator named Brandi Brevard. Brandi would really push Marcus to finish high. But Marcus seem like he did not care he would leave his house really late and would arrive to school missing his first two class periods. Marcus also got into an argument on the last day of school two hours before school was about to finish with a student and ended up assaulting the student during class. It was just bad decision’s he made. Another student named Marcos who went to the same high school as Marcus. Marcos was also doing verybadly in school at first he would skip class and miss his class assignments. He had to balance his job with school. He also would miss some of his classes. This caused him to miss assignments and get low-level school grades. Because of his actions he was on the verge of not graduating. Suddenly he made a choice to do his work and show up to his classes on time. This resulted with him actually graduating from his high school.
Parents Rant

Parents also play an important role with student’s participation in school. In the documentary I seen on the PBS website called “ Drop Out Nation”. A student named Lawrence who attended Sharpstown High School located in Houston, Texas. Lawrence has a mother who has been in and out of jail. This affects him as a student because when he thinks about his mother’s situation he breaks down but his school counselor helps him get through it. Lawrence also acts up in school and gets in trouble a lot. In my opinion he acts up because he has no parents in his life to motivate him with school. Another Student named Sparkle who goes to the same high school as Lawrence. She does not have any parent or any home. She sometimes stays at the houses of friends. When she can’t find any place to stay her last resort is the street. This causes her to miss school or makes her come late to her