Essay on Student: Understanding and Journal Entry

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Communications I had a conversation over the phone with a parent today. She was trying to inform me that her child may not be at school on the Monday after spring break. It was a little confusing because of the way she was trying to explain why she wouldn’t be there. I was thinking that she was meaning the Monday of spring break. So the parent was also misunderstanding me. Finally after explain everything thoroughly to each other I understood what she was meaning and she also understood what I was thinking, and why I was saying the things I had said that confused her. Another reason that I had a hard time understanding what she was trying to tell me is because the other students were being a little loud and I couldn’t really hear over them.

Journal entry #2, 3/28/2014 Email is frustrating to me. I received an email from financial aid office, stating that I was not going to receive my financial aid for school because I had been counted as a “no show” from a professor. I wrote them back explaining that I had logged on to all of my classes and turned in homework as well. When writing you don’t always understand the tone that someone is trying to put across or you cant always comprehend what they are meaning. When emailing them back they thought that I was very angry. I really wasn’t I was just trying to prove that I had been logging on to my classes. Also with email it is not instant you have to wait to receive the information that you need which also had a lot to do with the time it took to figure out the issue with this problem but I gave them my number and they called and it all got…