Study Questions: History of Greece Essay

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What were the significant works of writing that were written by Homer?
Odessy, Iliad What was the Odyssey about?
Their trip back home to troy from troy to grecce What was the Iliad about?
The Siege of troy What age were kids taken away and sent off to start learning how to fight?

Name some of the gods.
Zeus, Poseidon, Appolo, Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Fortune, Hades, Hera. Where was Minio located?
Minio? Island of Crete What was Linear A?
Writing system? yes used by Minoan Society What was Linear B?
Script of symbols used by Mycenaen Society adapted from Linear A Who were the Mycenaeans?
Last people in the bronze age What lead to the fall of the Minoan society?
No one really knows put most likely vocanic activity, earthquakes, tsunami, or hurricane, because of their geographic location. Outsiders also invaded them because of their wealth. Describe Sparta and their society.
Sparta was a society based soley on war domination. All true spartans trained for war from ages 7 till retirement at about 50 years old. They had two sort of kings. One that was in charge of the social aspect of things, and another that was in charge of the military leadership. They were very harsh and believed in social equality among spartans. Social hierchy went like Spartans, Foreigners, Helots. Helots did all the agricultural work to provide their society with food. Women had more rights than in other city states and were actually allowed to own property if their husband died and they were widowed. What was the Delian League?

A society of the city states of Greece that joined together with Athens being the main one who benefited. Many did not like that which led to the Polypenesian wars. What were the Peloponnesian Wars?
Pretty much a civil war in greece between Sparta and Athens. They all had enough of Athens and started to revolt since they had most of the money and controlled much of the trade Who were some of the main human players in the Trojan War? God Players?
Gods­Apollo, Achilles, Hector, Zeus, Posedian,
Not sure of the humans
Hector was a human. Along with Paris, Achilles What was shortcoming of the Trojans that lead to their loss in the Trojan War? And why was this necessary to the Greeks?
The Trojan horse? yes They greeks hid in the trojan horse and at night they got out and opened the main gates which lead the whole greek army into the troys empire and lead them to their doomed fate
It was necessary because the walls of Troy were virtually impenetrable to the Greeks. What was Pericles?
An aristocratic leader who was key because he was able to unite the common and aristocratic classes in Athens. Describe the Persian wars.
Athens won against Darius at the battle of the Marathon. Xerses tried to avenge him by attacking at Thermopyles and was embarrased and lost over 10 thousand troops to the 300 spartans. Who were the Macedonians?
They were from a Greek fishing village that stood away from everything until Alexander the
Great took over the Greeks.