Suffering and Health Care Essay

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1) People who want to be aided with suicide are usually psychologically unstable. They would want to die but at that period of time they are mentally unstable. When experiencing a difficult situation, they can feel depressed and think that dying is the only way out of their pain. If Assisted suicide is legalized anyone would be able to ask to die. This would mean that people who are depressed or going through a tough situation would be able to ask for it. It would become a popular choice for people who are mentally weak. They take the option of dying before seeking help.
Defence: It is their choice and they should have the right to decide whether or not they would like to pass away or not. It is a major decision and if they are ready to make it, then they have thought it through.

2) Assisted suicide would become a popular option for dying patients because assisted suicide could be cheaper than the hospital bill for staying alive. A patient who does not have any medical insurance can be thousands of dollars, whereas assisted suicide would be cheaper. A patient may feel bad to leave a lot of debt for their family so they would ask to die because it is cheaper. Someone who can’t afford health care may be pressured into assisted suicide.
Defence: Canada has health care and it is becoming more popular in the United States. Money might be a factor but if people really want to live then they would pay for whatever it takes. Human life is priceless and some people would pay whatever it takes to live.

3) There is a slippery slope when dealing with assisted suicide. If it is legalized, many people would take this option instead of living life. People such as the handicapped, elderly and depressed people will ask for this option. If it were to be legalized, it would be a very popular option for people who feel that life isn’t worth living for. Assisted suicide should not be for people who have psychological pain. Psychological pain is easier to heal…