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Chapter 6 Summary

This chapter first starts in Recruiting and defining what it is, recruiting is discovering potential applicants for an actual or anticipated organizational vacancies. This means it has an involvement seeking viable job candidates. There are dual goals when it comes to recruiting new candidates for an organization. Those dual goals of recruiting are to generate a large pool of applicants and those applicants have to provide enough information for individuals to self-select out of the process of hire. With the recruiting process, HRM may face some adversity because their job starts out with the hiring process and recruiting the right people. They have to keep the organization in top shape and this would include the image of the organization, attractiveness and nature of the job, internal polices employees must follow, government requirement that has to be followed and not broken, and a recruiting budget that cannot be exceeded. Following from that, there are certain principal sources in recruiting employees. The principal sources for recruiting employees will have to include internal search, advertisements, employee referrals/recommendations, employment agencies, temporary leasing services, schools, colleges, universities, the internet, and so on. When it comes to employee referrals, there could be some advantages and disadvantages you can get from this. First the advantage of employee referrals will include access of individual’s posse’s specific skills, having job applicants with more complete job and organization information, and a universal application to all levels in the organization. The disadvantage of getting employee referrals will include the potential of confusing friendship with a job performance, the potential of favoritism and a potential for reducing an