HR Manager: A Job Description For Human Resource Management

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Job Descriptions

Job Identification

Job Title: HRM Instructor
Exempt/Nonexempt Status: Nonexempt
Department: School of Business
Date: Sept 2011

Job Summary

The primary responsibility of instructor for” human resource management” is interest and well being of all students. Instructor also need to provide an educational atmosphere that students have the opportunity to achieve their potential for intellectual, spiritual ,emotional, psychological, and physical growth. Furthermore, let them have more interest of this course and understand the importance of HRM, inspire students become a HR manager. However, instructor must treat students with patience, politeness, and respect, they genuinely care about their students, have the desire and willingness to help them learn.

Position Details

Reports to: Director of School of Business
Works with: All Staffs in School of Business
Working hours: Finish 36 lessons per week
Salary: Please email to Personnel Office for information
Position dates: Starting on 25th Aug 2011 for 1 or 2 year, there is 20 working days of annual leave

Responsibilities and Duties

• Let students to join some meaningful activities, it is good for their health.

• Choose different things to satisfy the need of students, because different students may need different special ways to help them. Every student has different background, so instructor should have a notice on these things.

• Instructor need to encourage students that can make students have more confident.

• There is a important thing that instructor can communicate with students, it can make them be active. • Instructor should have discussion with college or principal for the contact of the teaching. • Provide a positive environment that students are encouraged to be actively join the learning process.

• After the teaching, students can understand the importance, knowledge, sense of HRM.

• Make sure the result can satisfied for the standard.

• Submit a final student performance review for each of your students prior to the closing ceremony.

• Submit the report of the students' progress and development regularly.

• Prepare the lessons completely before every class, it can ensure that instructor can teach students better.

• Make a timetable of the class and establishing the goal of the course and objectives.

• Control the progress of course carefully and making sure every student can understand it.

• Arrange the class work, homework, tests and assignments appropriately for students.

• Make an advanced study in a certain period, it can provide more teaching resources and methods.

Standards of Performance

• Make an advanced study in a certain period about HRM. For example, join different courses or test to improve the knowledge of HRM and the skill of teaching.

• Is the study result of students well? (Like many students get A, B+ or many of them