Summary: The Effects Of Prescription Drugs On Teens

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The Effects of Drugs on Teens Did you know that more teens die from prescription drugs than any other drug such as heroin, cocaine, or marijuana combine? , Statistics have proven that drug changes the chemistry in the brain which is one of the reasons drugs tend to become addictive. Drug abuse and addiction have negatives consequences for individuals under age and older, society mainly plays a role in drug use and drug abuse. My essay allows me turn my attention to what’s important and how people who are a part of this population are dying. Drug abuse and use amongst teens must stop and I am here to write about why it should stop and how it is effectively hindering teens physically, consequently, and socially. Drug use amongst …show more content…
Prescription drugs are also a gateway drug which is most known to cause addiction. Prescription drugs are prescription medication, which requires a legal medical prescription and is to be dispensed by a doctor. According to the “National Institute On Drug Abuse” Prescription drugs have become a problem within the past year over 150 teens overdose every day. Statistics proves that using any prescription drug can be very fatal and powerful in many ways. Studies have shown that teens commonly use prescription drugs more often than any other drug, however over 100 teens die every day due to drug addiction. “When using prescription drugs the most common side effects are drowsiness, vomiting, unsteady movement, or even fatal effects like cardiac arrest, seizures, and possibly a coma” [MD Roxanne Dryden-Edwards]. Teens become addicted to all kinds of prescription medication and many die from it, this illness has taken its toll on teens and is become a hazardous problem every