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Many cultures and different countries were involved with the colonizing of North America. These countries/cultures included Great Britain, Spain, France, and the Native Americans already there. This lead to major issues with the Native American. A major conflict was the French and Indian war. But some good things came as well including the new settlements of Jamestown and Plymouth.
The voyage to settle Jamestown started in December of 1906. Three ships were on this Journey. The Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery. They had one hundred and four men/boys total with four total stops on the journey for resupply. Only one man died on the journey. They docked in the Chesapeake bay. There were NO women on these three ships. They arrived May, 16th, 1907. This spot was chosen due to the fact it was easy to defend from ocean going vessels. This was a British colony. But the reason it was so easy to colonize was no Indians lived there due to the inhospitable conditions. It was swampy and isolated from big game. Due to the swampy conditions many mosquitos lived there carrying malaria.
The settlement of Plymouth was founded by a group of separatists and Anglicans, who later became known as pilgrims. This colony along with Jamestown was one of the earliest growing successful colonies founded by the English in North America. This colony played a part of many Indian wars. But from other colonies like Jamestown, Plymouth was settled for a different reason than entrepreneurs. It was settled for religious freedom, too flee from persecution. But with their social and legal system tied together with their religious belief showed in them. This is seen in American folklore like the First Thanksgiving.
The French and