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Jacky Castillo
AICE Global Perspective
Summer Assignment
Modern Day Slavery/ FREEDOM PROJECT
By Tony Maddox and The CNN
Once I finished reading the first article on how slavery still exists today, I was shocked. Afterwards when I read that more than 20.9 million of men, women and children around the world are in slavery I was furious. I was filled with anger to know that something that is taken as a past experience in history still exists today with no action taken whatsoever. Although when I did my research I found The Freedom Project by CNN and to say was relieved was an understatement. To know that people out there are protesting and raising alert to help these people who suffer because of slavery interested me and captivated me.
The video I attached shortly describes the horrible act of slavery in about 3 minutes. It talks about two Indian men who agreed to work for a man who offered 225 dollar loan to anyone who worked for him. Once they were put in a train heading to South India the entire group of men tried to escape but these two men. Afterwards they were held captive and abused and later on ended on getting their hands cut off. This video clearly represents perhaps an everyday struggle woman, men and kids go through on that part of the world once they go under slavery with no way out. It’s a cruel world. Thankfully the following link of the Freedom Project brings you to the website which is specialized for ending modern day slavery. This website provides articles, pictures, updates and everything relating to slavery in order to help others.
Slavery has been around for many, many years and to think that it has not yet ended it’s ridiculous and evil. I believe not many people are aware of this and if they are there’s no action being taken towards this. By putting this current issue out will hopefully impact society in such a way that will open the eyes of many. Slavery affects their society by putting these humans in “alert” mode every second of their lives since they can easily be taken and kept captive and continuously abused. Nevertheless, The Freedom Project will hopefully affect our community and their community. This project will raise alertness throughout our society by waking us up and hopefully offering to educate ourselves with this issue and help in any way possible. Therefore, people in risk of slavery or current slaves will be taken out of that captive lifestyle of trying to survive. Slavery endangers the life of many including woman, men and children regardless of the fact that it’s illegal.
Freedom to Marry
By Freedom to Marry

Currently, same-sex marriage approval has been growing faster than anything around the whole United States. Personally, I pursue equality and believe that nothing in the world is treated as equal although said it is. We’re all the same flesh and bones and different mindsets, believes and sexuality should not have to be up to the government’s control. I believe that if you’re able to believe that God doesn’t exist then you should be able to express your sexuality and have the equal right to marry the person you love the most. I believe that same-sex marriage should have been something approved a long time ago as a normal lifestyle and it’s just ignorant that some countries are still against it. Freedom to Marry interested me more than anything because to know that the rate of same-sex marriage approval is growing makes me believe that we might just start being treated equal for once.

The link I added expresses the cons and pros of gay marriage and it’s obvious that the reasoning behind being