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Louis XIV “Sun King” of France The life of Louis XIV contained many highlights mixed among tragedies. As a child he learned how to speak Spanish and Italian fluently as well as how to speak and write in elegant French. He know a good chunk of French history, but he knew a great deal more in European geography. King Louis XIV was also a very devout Catholic, christened Louis­Dieudonné—French for "Gift of God." When he was 4 and ½ years old his father passed away, becoming the youngest King. When he was nearly 10 the
Parliament of Paris rebelled , starting a civil war called the Fronde, forcing Louis to flee
Paris, and never fully trust the nobility again. He believed in the devine right of kings very strongly. His rule lasted 72 years total, the largest known of any European monarch. Like his life, King Louis XIV's reign was speckled with highlights and tragedies. It was not till the Chief Minister Cardinal Jules Mazarin died, that Louis, now in his 20s, actually took control of the French government. With Colbert The Sun King established reforms that promoted industrial growth and cut Frances deficit. He fixed the disorganized system of taxation, declaring members of nobility except from taxes, keeping them closer to the crown. When he created Versailles, he had the nobles always close, trying to be someone he remembered so they would not try to rebel or question their power compared to the kings. Louis XIV had created an absolute monarchy. He started many wars referred to as ‘Louis XIV's